Monkey pox:

Symptoms, Causes, preventatIon, Treatment full detail..

What is monkey pox?

Monkeypox, similar to human smallpox, is caused by a virus infection. In 1958 it was found in monkeys and in 1970 this infection was found in humans for the first time.

Symptoms of monkeypox appear for 4 weeks, after which they begin to disappear on their own.

How it spreads:

This virus is spread by living near an infected person or by touching an infected animal and material, apart from this it is also said that it is spreading through rats.

Common signs of monkey pox:

muscle pain
skin rash

How to prevent from monkeypox?

Follow government guidelines.
stay away from infected person
wearing a mask outside the house
Take special care of cleanliness.

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Treatment of monkey pox:
There is currently no cure for monkeypox. If you get monkeypox, get vaccinated and keep in touch with your doctor.

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