Kangana Ranaut upcoming movie emergency first look

Kangana Ranaut
Upcoming movie: Emergency
First look.

Image credit: Telugu film nagar.

Kangana Ranaut upcoming movie emergency teaser released on July 14 in the movie Kangana Ranaut play role of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi.

The movie emergency best on a political incident or internal emergency that declared by PM Indira Gandhi on June 25 1975

Movie based on political incident.that declared PM Indira Gandhi on 25 june 1975

 the teaser of the film is getting fans attention in become trending.

Kangana Ranaut first look is the PM Indira Gandhi gain a lot of praise her role looks realistic she look brilliant

image credit:kiddan

The film is produced by Kangana and directed also.

Emergency best on true event of 1975 that happened under leadership of PM Indira Gandhi she was one of the most powerful and determine women in the history of India.

Kangana Ranaut share first look of the film emergency of on Instagram in the picture she has wide hair some wrinkle on her face and also has attitude like pm Indira Gandhi.

The film of emergency seems to get popularity to audience

The film seems to get popularity to audience.

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