All about Asia Cup 2022: Format, Schedule,team list and more...

Where is held Aisa Cup 2022?

Asia World Cup 2022 is being hosted by Sri Lanka From 27th August.

How much team and match?

There are 6 teams playing in the Asia World Cup 2022 and it has 13 matches.

Asia Cup 2022 Format:

The game will start from August 27 and the final will be played from Sri Lanka in Dubai on September 11.

Asia Cup 2022 Team list and schedule:

Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Sat 27 Aug

India vs Pakistan Sun 28 Aug

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan tues 30 aug

TBD vs TBD• India vs TBD(Unknown) wed 31 August.
• Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Thurs 1 Sep.
• Pakistan vs TBD Fri 2 sep.
• TBD vs TBD sat 3 sep.
•tBD vs TBD 4 to 11 sep.

1.Hong Kong vs Singapore
2. United Arab Emirates vs Kuwait
3. United Arab Emirates vs Singapore
4. Kuwait vs Hong Kong
5. Singapore VS Kuwait
6. Hong Kong vs United Arab Emirates

Asia Cup Qualifier teams 

How many time India won Asia Cup?

India won Asia Cup 7 times.

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